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Hi everyone!!
I'm Illeyna and I'm from Malaysia. I first heard Mikuni san's songs when I watched Full Metal Panic and of course I LOVED every single one!!! (actually I heard Alone MUCH MUCH earlier and really loved it, but i didn't know it was also by Mikuni-san ^^;;,,,,
I'm quite new and I don't know much about Mikuni-san ( all I know is that i <3 her songs!!)
The thing is I can't find any of her pv's!! I have been looking everywhere and the only thing i've found is a live perf. of Tomorrow (btw, she sounds great!!)
Can someone please please help?? I'm looking forr all of her pv's especially Alone, Sorega Ai Deshou
Minami Kaze and True (actually I would like ALL her pv's but maybe asking for everything is a bit too much?) I'm trying to download the True pv but there are no seeds!! *cries...
So someone, please please help!! I'll give you cookies....^^

ps: Yay!! I've finally got the mp3's of Minami Kaze and Mou Ichidou Kimi ni Aitai!!*jumps around...
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lol i have all the ones you're looking for, actually, on computer too..

and a while ago there was an ISO of her DVD that has pretty much all her videos too, but its kinda huge but if u want it i can send too, providing that i actually manage to FIND it again since i burnt it

i'll ysi the ones i have on my comp, or i'll youtube it. which one is better for you?
Hrm~ I'd tempted to ask for the DVD ISO, but I only have region 1 players. That wouldn't work, huh?
ysi is better,thanks!! And i'm tempted to ask for the ISO as well...^^