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Hello all!

It's been a long time hasn't it?! I really didn't know where this comm was going, as it's been a little quiet in here hasn't it?

Well, seeing as I found an awesome video that I personally had never seen before (and it is AWESOME) I thought I would post it along with some news about Mikuni's new ventures in the music industry.

Mikuni Shimokawa has joined up with Hiroyuki Matsugashita and Takayuki Ito to form a new three-piece band called NapsaQ (knapsack). You can find the official website here. There is also a wikipedia article as well. They released an album "NapsaQ~Seishun Song Request~ (NapsaQ〜青春ソングリクエスト〜)" back in Dec 2006, and you can here samples from the album here .

And of course, the video. It is Mikuni singing with a metal band in Japan called "Animetal", who of course from the name, do anime covers in metal. This clip of them singing the Evangelion OP is great, as the lead singer has a wonderful voice, and Mikuni just looks awesome standing up there performing with them. You wouldn't think they would match, but they so do. It's up on Youtube, but if anyone knows where I can get a torrent or DL of this, please post it in the comments.

Tags: anime, eva, metal, mikuni, napsaq, shimokawa
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