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Shimokawa Mikuni

Spread the Love~

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Shimokawa Mikuni
Credit for banner goes to antipodal, thanks a lot! =)

Shimokawa Mikuni is an awesome artist with a beautiful voice. Born in March 19, 1980, this artist has sang many songs that has been used for animes, such as Dragon Drive (TRUE, Tatta, Hitotsu no), Full Metal Panic (Sore ga, Ai Deshou, Kimi ni Fuku Kaze, Karenai Hana, Tomorrow, etc) , Saiyuki (ALONE), Hunter x Hunter GREED ISLAND (POPCORN), Kino no Tabi (All The Way), and Grenadier ~Hohoemi no Senshi~(KOHAKU, Kanashimini Makenaide). Sadly Shimokawa Mikuni is, much like many other artists, much underrated.

This community is dedicated to both spreading her music, as well as allowing people who acknowledge her musical talent to share their thoughts on her music.